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What is an A.A. group?

Any gathering of two or more alcoholics who wish to recover and have no other affiliation may call themselves an A.A. group. Membership at the group level is open to all who have a desire to recover from alcoholism. There are no dues, fees, requirements or restrictions of any kind. There’s no formal application to join a group.

What’s the purpose of A.A. groups? All groups exist to help those who suffer from the disease of alcoholism.

District 1 Committee is organized to coordinate service work throughout the Fellowship in District 1 - Southwest Michigan (Berrien & Cass Counties.)

Communication and experience are shared through regular meetings of the DCM, Committee Officers, GSR's, and Outreach Committee Chairs throughout District 1. 

The Outreach Committee of District 1 consists of Corrections, Treatment, Grapevine, Public Information (PI), Literature, and Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC).

District 1 is an extension of

Area 34 General Service Assembly.

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TRADITION TWO:  For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority — a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.


DCM: Leslie L.

Secretary: Amy M.
Treasurer:  Eva O. 

Outreach Chair:  Jim B.
Events Chair - Robyn D. 

GSR - Joe C. - Coloma Winners Group - Coloma

GSR - Eva O. - Primary Purpose Group - Saint Joe
GSR - Blair J. - Lakeside Zoom Group - Lakeside 
GSR - Cheryl R. - Serenity Group - Buchanan

GSR - Robert B. - Twin Cities Group - Saint Joe
GSR - Mike O. - New Beginnings Group - Coloma
GSR - Rich J. - T
eetotalers - Coloma

GSR - Jim B. - The Michigan Dawn Patrol - Virtual

GSR - Ben H. - The AA Believers Group - Dowagiac

What is a D.C.M.? The heart of A.A. is the group, which elects a general service representative (G.S.R.). The G.S.R. attends district meetings that are made up of the groups in that district.


The G.S.R.s elect a district committee member (D.C.M.). Thus, the D.C.M. is the vital link between the group’s G.S.R., and the area service structure, including the area’s delegate to the General Service Conference.

By choosing its most qualified member as G.S.R., a group helps secure its own future — and the future of A.A. as a whole.” Bill W. 

When you’re a general service representative (G.S.R.) You are linking your home group with the whole of A.A. In 1950, a new type of trusted servant, “group representative,” was suggested to help in the selection of delegates to the newly formed General Service Conference. By 1953, the job of group representative was also seen as a good means of exchanging up-to-date information between individual groups and “Headquarters” (now the General Service Office). That’s still an important side of your work. But now, as general service representative, you have an even bigger responsibility: You transmit ideas and opinions, as well as facts; through you, the group conscience becomes a part of “the collective conscience of our whole Fellowship,” as expressed in the General Service Conference. Like everything else in A.A., it works through a series of simple steps.  Copyright © 2018 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.







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