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Alcoholics Anonymous

Southwest Michigan

Berrien, Cass, & parts of Van Buren Counties 

District 1 of Western Michigan Area 34 Assembly

This is the official website of Area 34, District 1  Committee of Alcoholics Anonymous.

District 1 is the hub for unity, service, and recovery among A.A. members, meetings, and groups throughout Southwest Michigan. District 1 Committee is an extension of the Western Michigan Area 34 Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous. We participate with and support A.A. World Services. 


Call our helpline! 269-281-4939 

This is not an answering service

our phones are answered by A.A. members

I could feel the happiness
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Drinking Was No Fun for Me
A richer life to live
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Treatment - Corrections - Hospitals

Bridging the Gap is designed to connect the newly sober person to a successfully sober AA member (temporary contact) upon discharge.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Area 34 Assembly

Alcoholics Anonymous

A.A. World Services

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AA On Line

A.A.  Announcements - for those involved in A.A. Service - 12th Step

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